Specialized Studies

Capitalization Rate Studies and More

In additional to valuation, counseling, and litigation-support services, KRA has experience in specialized studies, as listed below:

  • Capitalization Rate Studies for Hotel and Retail Properties in Davidson County, TN
  • Capitalization Rate Study for Class A Office Properties in the City of Boston, MA
  • Capitalization Rate Studies for Typical Office Properties in two Virginia jurisdictions
  • Capitalization Rate Studies for Typical Office, Apartment, and Retail Properties in three Virginia jurisdictions
  • Capitalization Rate Study for U.S. Regional Malls – January 1, 2010 and January 1, 2011 for five regional mall owners
  • Mall Classification Study for a regional mall owner
  • Mall Classification and Cost of Occupancy Studies – Nationwide, multiple years
  • Study of land value trends for multiple property types for a county in Virginia for assessment purposes
  • Valuation Methodologies in Distressed Markets: History Lessons and Proposed Solutions for two regional mall owners
  • Valuation Methodology for Chain Drug Store Properties – January 1, 2006 through January 1, 2009 for Hillsborough County, Florida