Non-Testifying Litigation Counseling

KRA assists in developing direct examination questions for client experts; preparing for anticipated cross-examination questions; providing cross-examination questions for opposing experts and assisting where helpful on court motions related to appraisal issues. 

Litigation support strategies.  Recognizing that each case has special conditions in a range of legal environments, KRA helps its clients develop sound real estate appraisal litigation strategies and implementations customized to their needs. 

Types of non-testifying support include:

  • Expert witness selection – finding experts who are qualified with significant experience with the property type and valuation issues
  • Expert witness preparation – regarding valuation methodology, areas of weakness in reports, and likely cross examination preparation on valuation issues
  • Valuation methodology assistance – studies on fee simple and going concern issues, cap rate derivation, comparable sale selection and use, and valuation of regional malls, big-box retail properties, department stores, corporate headquarters, chain drug stores, office buildings, hotels, and large land parcels, among other property types.
  • Strategies and participation in settlement/mediation conferences
  • Suggested topics and lines of cross examination focusing on all report aspects, including methodology, supporting data and analysis, and qualification competence.
  • Video services for presentations focusing on deposition inconsistencies among experts to judges or juries by experienced, professional television editor.

KRA works with an extensive network of credentialed experts with pertinent qualifications to provide additional expert testimony as needed.