Valuation Methodology Studies

The firm provides advice and guidance on market-based valuation methodology for various property types.  Examples of typical property type methodology studies include:

  • Data center real estate for Prince William and Loudoun Counties, VA
  • Chain drug store properties in Hillsborough County (Tampa), FL
  • Resort-hotels for Eagle County, CO
  • Hotel properties for Arlington County, VA
  • Big-box retail property…Dark vs. Open for the City of Sault Ste. Marie, MI
  • Big-box retail property for Boone County, IN

Examples of studies involving proper cap rate methodology issues include:

  • Are regional mall property investments a national product (i.e., national markets)?
  • Are overall capitalization rates on regional mall sale transactions in California generally lower than cap rates for regional mall transactions in the rest of the United States?
  • Do larger, non-mall shopping centers, especially town centers and big-box/power centers, involve less risk than regional mall investments and, therefore, sell at lower cap rates?

An example of a study involving the selection and use of a market-based cap rate for a regional mall valuation:

  • Researched and produced a Methodology Study of the Proper Selection and Use of Comparable Sales for Regional Mall Appraisals for a major regional mall REIT in connection with an assessment of a regional mall.