Testifying Litigation Support

Expert Witness – Real Estate Appraisals

Korpacz Realty Advisors, Inc. (KRA) specializes in real estate valuation, cap rate studies, appraisal reviews, and valuation methodology studies in assessment, condemnation, and partnership disputes, which provides litigation support services and expert witness services for its clients involved in real estate litigation disputes.  We assist property owners of all property types,  corporate and partnership real estate investors, REITs, law firms, and government agencies.

  • Expert Witness testimony – real estate appraisals. Korpacz has qualified as an expert witness in various state and federal courts in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, the District of Columbia, and in Toronto, Canada.
  • Rebuttal reports and testimony. KRA can prepare a USPAP-compliant review of the client’s opposing appraisal expert reports and can provide expert rebuttal testimony as needed.
  • Dispute types. The services describe above are provided for various types of disputes, including:
    • Arbitration
    • Assessment appeals
    • Bankruptcy
    • Class-action lawsuits
    • Condemnation
    • Foreclosure
    • Mediation – work with both parties to resolve disputes fairly
    • Partnership disputes