Presentation Topics

Addressing Appraisal Myths and Market Realities in Appeals

Big-Box Appeals…Issues and Solutions

Bullet-Proofing the Assessment Litigation Appraisal Report

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Real Estate Values and Valuation Methodology

Dark Stores, Dark Theory, Dark Magic

Does the Real Property Transaction Market Recognize Intangibles in Regional Malls?

Fee Simple…It’s Not So Complicated

Hotel Condo Rental Income: Intangible or Real Property?

Loading the Cap Rate

Myth vs. Reality – “Going Concern” in Hotel Valuations

Real Estate Market Overview and Chain Drug Store Valuation Methodologies

Regional Mall Valuations…Marketplace Solutions

Setting the Record Straight on Fee Simple in Big-Box Appraisals

State of the U.S. Real Estate Market

The Elusive Overall Capitalization Rate – Marketplace Solutions

The Valuation of Underperforming Malls…The Changing Face of Retail and Its Impact on Real Estate Values

Understanding Intangible Assets and Real Estate: A Guide for Real Property Valuation Professionals